What we do

HOPE envisages operational interventions as part of a complex perspective aimed to enhance the resilience of to protect populations living in vulnerable conditions due to natural disasters or military conflicts.

HOPE wants to contribute in building a global environment where safety, security and sustainable development are guaranteed to women, men and children.

Our projects

RENACER: Tejidos de Paz

Women helping women tailoring a better future stitch by stitch

HOPE Foundation and the Colombian fashion brand LEDIEL work together to promote women’s empowerment and sustainability in Colombia.

Violence against women has deep roots in the patriarchal Colombian culture, which promotes women’s social, political and economic marginalisation. In addition, it has been exacerbated by the conflict, since women’s bodies have been used to achieve military objectives and exercise social and territorial control. In this context, Indigenous and afro-Colombian women have to deal also with racial discrimination and years of accepted violence against them. 

“Renacer” is a project which aims to bring the value of sustainability in every step of the productive process of a Colombian clothing brand to benefit the most vulnerable social groups such as women victims of the armed conflict and the native Colombian populations. 

Read more about the project here.


HOPE Foundation support mine clearance operations and sustainable development in Western Sahara.

Western Sahara is one of the most landmine contaminated territory in the world due to a 40 year-long conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front.

Dozen of Sahrawi people are mutilated or killed by landmines every year, and most of the population is confined in refugee camps, without a safe land to return to.

HOPE foundation is committed to do its part to support the release of cleared land to the Sahrawi and the implementation of sustainable development initiatives.

The first step has been the realisation of a Non- Technical and Technical Survey (NTS-TS) Training in November 2018 to 18 participants from SMACO (National Mine Action Authority) and other humanitarian demining operators.

In the same month, a 5-year agreement between SMACO and HOPE has been signed, to facilitate further cooperation in mine action related projects.

cooperation agreement with ASAVIM (Sahrawi Association of Landmine Victims) has been also signed in February 2019, to prepare the ground to humanitarian aid and development support to landmine victims.