Italian Federation of Fishing Enterprises
FEDERPESCA associates represent and protect Italian fishing vessel owners and enterprises in the fishing industry. The associated enterprises (approx. 2,000) work in fishing, processing and marketing of fish products, production of fishing nets and equipment, shipbuilding and production of plants and equipment within the fishing value chain.
Indian Ocean Rim Association
The IORA is a dynamic inter-governmental organisation aimed at strengthening regional cooperation and sustainable development within the Indian Ocean region through its 23 Member States and 9 Dialogue Partners.
Ministry of Fisheries Marine Resources of the Federal Government of Somalia
The Ministry of Fisheries Marine Resources was established to enhance the fisheries and marine resources sector, and visibility streamline decision-making so that it is more responsive and proactive in facilitating the suitable development of the fisheries.
Danish Demining Group – Colombia
DDG is an NGO active in the humanitarian action against mines and in reducing armed violence that operates in the most fragile and vulnerable places in the world. The partnership agreement aims to carry out emergency and development projects within the Municipalities in Colombia assigned to DDG for humanitarian demining.
Sahrawi Mine Action Coordination Office (SMACO) – Western Sahara
The Saharawi Mine Action Coordination Office (SMACO), is responsible for coordinating mine action in Western Sahara east of the Berm and for land release activities. SMACO, which was established with UN support, started its activities in January 2014.
Asociación Saharaui de Víctimas de Minas (ASAVIM) – Western Sahara
ASAVIM is the Saharawi Association of Landmine Victims. It is a non profit organisation founded in 2005 in Rabouni to provide support to the victims of landmines and their families.
AMCAFAMI – Colombia
Association of female heads of households operating in Mitù in the Waupes Region (Colombia). Their commitment is the economic and social development of native communities. They also contribute by providing humanitarian aid.
Association des Juristes Sénégalaises – Senegal
ASJ is an Association of women jurists specialized in supporting women and promoting gender equality.
The collaboration between HOPE and ASJ aims to develop projects to reduce violence against women and children.