Blue Growth

The Blue Economy can play a major role in Africa’s structural transformation, sustainable economic progress, and social development. The largest African aquatic and ocean-based economy sectors are fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, transport, ports, coastal mining, and energy.

HOPE’s fishing development projects focus on the whole fish value chains through:

  • technology improvement;
  • post-harvest processing and marketing improvement;
  • fishery management improvement and community-based initiatives in management (e.g. new participatory and co-management approaches);
  • fishery resources reallocation (e.g. between small-scale and large-scale fisheries);
  • fishery resources enhancement through restocking;
  • aquaculture increase (to relieve pressure on capture fisheries);
  • resource and environmental conservation measures improvement; •training and capacity building;
  • awareness rising of the importance of the contribution of small-scale fisheries to livelihoods, food security and quality of life;
  • assistance in setting policies with local supporting legislation and institutions.

HOPE Foundation promotes economic growth, social inclusion, and the preservation and improvement of livelihoods while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability of the oceans and coastal areas.

Operations: Somalia